Top 50 Blogs for Positive Thinking and Visualization

Written by Contributor at 12:22:pm on 7th December, 2010

Do you need to be reminded that your glass is half full? If you are frustrated, angry, sad, fearful, or stuck, these positive thinking blogs can help. If you are considering a Masters in Psychology, this blog list may prove useful as a learning tool. This list of 50 top blogs for positive thinking and visualization is organized into categories: informational blogs on positive thinking, blogs about marketing or business applications of positive thinking, blogs which report on individual journeys, blogs using Eastern principles, and blogs using metaphysical principles. Different types of visualization are a recommended practice on several of the blogs.

InspirationInspirational and Informational Blogs

  1. A Dose of Positivity: Pam wants to spread an optimistic attitude, the sense of the glass being half full, the idea of the innate goodness of human beings.
  2. Encouragement Quotes: This site’s blog offers encouraging quotes, positive thinking news, and videos to help on life’s journey.
  3. Encouraging Excellence The site’s blog “helps you bring your best potential to the surface.”
  4. Enlighten Your World: Veronica Sierra talks about positive thinking, alternative therapies, “and other things to make you world a brighter, happier place.”
  5. Kartika’s blog: “To live, to experience, and to share.” Posts accompanied by daily lessons.
  6. Lyved: Posts that are “positive, motivating, and offer tips on how you can change the world.”
  7. Mayo Clinic’s Stress Management: The “expert blog” on stress management offers tips on dealing with “stressors” in a positive way.
  8. Moonpoppy’s Ramblings: “Life is what you make it.” This blogger writes about everything from the benefits of vitamin D to “letting go.”
  9. OneIndia: 34 posts on this blog are tagged with “positive thinking” and how it relates to many aspects of life.
  10. Positive Thinking: Sarah blogs about inspirational topics like loving life and living without aging and posts videos and challenges.
  11. Positive Thinking Everyday: “Be happy. Be thankful. Be positive.” This blog tells you how.
  12. Positive Quotes: Inspirational quotes and motivational sayings, updated daily.
  13. The Benefits of Positive Thinking: This blog gives an antidote to frustration, anger, sadness, fear, and other negative emotions; it offers a program to “grab the reins of your life.”
  14. The Lifestyle You Deserve! Inspirational quotes for making the most out of life.
  15. The Positive Life: Raj discusses how a positive attitude can help you cope with many issues.
  16. The Positivity Blog: A blog on thinking positive (but not blindly), getting answers, and good habits and strategies for dealing with life situations.
  17. Think Positive! Blog: “Change your mind, change your life…one minute at a time.”
  18. Transformation Tees: “Reflect your power.” Thoughts and guidance about transforming your life.
  19. Whatnot Shop: A writer’s posts to help and inspire other writers.
  20. Where Neat People Meet: “Varied topics pertaining to personal growth, positive thinking, spirituality, Law of Attraction and other Universal Love.”
  21. You Make it Up! “The REAL story of happily ever after.” Most recent post is about the power of belief: “You’ve got to believe it to see it.”

Positive PsychologyMarketing, Organizational, and Positivity at Work Blogs

  1. Bock’s Office: A blog on investing in yourself and your team, on transforming your organization.
  2. Chief Happiness Officer: Alexander Kjerulf is an expert on happiness at work, who speaks and consults around the world. He posts funny and inspirational words and videos.
  3. Dave Egger’s Wish Blog: “Wishes big enough to change the world.” Dave Eggers and the TED team talk about the 826 project, a non-profit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization.
  4. Shannon Herod is an Internet marketer, speaker, and coach. His blog is about positive strategies for direct marketing.
  5. Hounds Good: A blog about virtual volunteering. Information about everything from blogging to fundraising to virtual networking to animal rescue.
  6. Never the Same River Twice: A blog about personal and organizational change.
  7. Possitive Blogger: Miguel, an internet marketer, blogs about marketing, making money on the Internet, and social networks.
  8. The Mind Aware: Tips for healthy living and thriving as a network marketer.

HappinessIndividual Journey Blogs

  1. A Year of Positive Thinking: Mira Schor describes this blog as “a cheerful postscript to my recently published book…A Decade of Negative Thinking: Essays on Art, Politics, and Daily Life.”
  2. A Year Without News: Blogger is a self-described “news junkie” who has given himself the project of living for a year without watching, reading, or listening to the news and engaging in self improvement, all the while blogging daily about the experience.
  3. Cape Coop: The life of a mother, daughter, and cats. The mother is dealing positively with the late stages of lymphoma.
  4. Colabears: is about leading a successful life with positive thinking (and taking photographs along the way).
  5. Herbie J. Pilato: An actor, director, writer, reflects on his life and important lessons his parents taught him.
  6. I’m Spiritual, Dammit: “Climbing the Mountain of Enlightenment with a martini in one hand, my pumps in the other.”
  7. JSpeed — So What? “A blog intended to spark thought, creativity, action and/or change.” Related to parenting.
  8. Positive Way of Life: Blogger converts life experiences into life lessons and posts videos about positive topics, including positive books he has read.
  9. Practical Manifestations: Dave Lowell talks about using the Law of Attraction to help people live better through education and philanthropy — such as helping the street children of Brazil.
  10. ScatnStyle: Deborah E, jazz singer, writes about “the jazzy side of life,” “musical musings,” and “a positive outlook.”
  11. Think Big: “If you’re going to be anyone, you might as well think big.” Blogger hopes her life resembles that of Indiana Jones.
  12. Vertical Minds: Nathan has decided, following the death of his mother, to live every day with “abundance, bravery, confidence, and continuous improvement.”
  13. Wisdom Within, Ink: Blogger Joanna writes her way to an authentic life. The formula is, Reflection + Re(dis)covery = Self Confidence.
  14. Won-a-day: The spirit is always whispering in the ear of this blogger, who wants to recognize wonderful things that happen in the course of an ordinary day.

Dalai LamaEastern Wisdom and Metaphysics Blogs

  1. Divine Divination: self improvement, spiritual healing, wisdom and advice for dealing with negativity, doomsday prophecies, etc.
  2. Metaphysical Junkie: Reflections on spirituality, personal transformation, nonduality and “all that mojo stuff.”
  3. The Daily Mind: “Eastern Wisdom to make the daily grind more meaningful.” Posts on physical pain, natural disasters, etc.
  4. To Free the Mind: Ideas to liberate your mind, body and soul.
  5. Wisdom Quarterly: American Buddhist Journal: emphasis on meditation, self-development, and non-harming.
  6. Your Daily Woo: “Metaphysical and Spiritual musings for joy and abundance.”
  7. Zen Habits: A blog about living simply and mindfully. About breathing and going slow, sometimes with a minimalist’s perspective.
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