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Financing any master’s degree is certainly an expensive investment. Grants and scholarships are an effective way of financing a Master’s degree either partially or in full. There are many ways that you can secure funding for your Master of Psychology degree to enhance your professional standing. The fact is that Master of Psychology scholarships and grants are as competitive as any other grants out there seeking to finance academic fields of all sorts. The main sources of funding include the institutions of higher learning that one may wish to apply to; government and non-governmental bursaries; individual charities and foundations as well as research institutions that deal with the various concerns in the field of psychology or those that have a broader mandate. All these have their own set of requirements but due to the fact that they are competitive meeting the minimum requirements may not guarantee financing.

One way of advancing your search for a Master of Psychology scholarships and grants is by looking for the various categories that you fall under. These may include minority categories which offer funding for minorities who demonstrate that they have financial need or those who have excellent academic records on their bachelor’s degree as well as extra curriculum activities. These scholarships are great for those who have just cleared their bachelor’s degree and would like to undertake their master’s immediately to correspond with their various professional and career plans. There are scholarships and grants that target women who have made major accomplishment in their psychology specialization and would like to enhance their careers by taking up a Master of Psychology. There are financing sources that target certain research interest and offer very generous funding options.

Other than advancing your search in this way it is important to be pro-active in your applications. This means that you may approach the departments of the universities that you would like to undertake your degree to outsource for opportunities that they have not advertised. To be considered for funding it is even better if one can show their value in any of the ongoing or prospective research and development projects. Making contact with the professors in the department of Psychology in your prospective universities is also an effective way of securing partial and full Master of Psychology scholarships and grant opportunities when they arise.

Finally, reaching out to the school itself may not be a bad idea in searching for scholarships. Find out more about potentially earning a degree in this field with the video below from Kaplan University, which explains how their program works:

Top Online Masters in Psychology Degrees

Psychology is the science of the study of mental processes and behaviors. To become a licensed psychologist, psyciatrist, social scientist, or behavioral scientist, a master's degree is almost always required. Fields of psychology include addiction psychology, behavioral psychology, health psychology, media psychology, industrial/organizational (I/O) psychology, social psychology, and more. The schools listed below all offer accredited online degree programs in psychology.

University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix Master's program in Psychology teaches advanced concepts in the areas of psychological study. Rather than providing a clinical scope, the curriculum focuses on a higher level of academic focus on general principles and research. Courses explore the cognitive and affective processes that determine behavior, as well as the critical-thinking, research and problem-solving skills.

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Kaplan University

At Kaplan University, students have the option to pursue several Master's degrees in Psychology, including the MS in Psychology, MS in Psychology - Addictions, and MS in Psychology - Applied Behavioral Analysis. The general degree and specializations are offered in a convenient online format that teaches contemporary psychological theories and professional-practice strategies.

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Northcentral University

Northcentral University was founded to provide accessible, high-quality, online graduate degrees to working professionals. As a regionally accredited, online university, NCU serves students worldwide, focusing on Doctoral and Master’s degree programs in the Schools of Business and Technology Management, Education, Psychology and Marriage and Family Sciences.

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Walden University

Walden University offers a general MS degree in psychology, along with several specializations students may pursue to fine tune their education. These programs empower the student to become leaders the fields of psychology by providing them with the most recent trends and development in the field.

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Grand Canyon University

While the MS in Psychology degree at Grand Canyon University offers a curriculum of general advanced psychological studies, the MS in Psychology - Industrial and Organizational degree takes a step further to explore the social and organizational methods and principles to business and industry.

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